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Discover, Register and Pair: Securing and Managing Fixed and Mobile Users

By Pierre Ehsani, Senior Director, Product Management

Posted on October 12, 2017 in: General


Service providers looking to enhance and secure the online experience for their residential and business subscribers often struggle to find solutions that are easy for their customers to configure and use – particularly when it comes to setting policies that carry across fixed, mobile and converged networks. This type of simple, seamless management is actually a key distinguishing feature of Nominum N2 solutions. And not just from a “here’s what our products can do” perspective, but from a “here’s how easily your customers can do this” perspective.

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Security as a Service for SMBs: How ISPs can Fill a Rapidly Growing Need

By Arlen Frew, GM, Security & Applications


Posted on May 24, 2017 in: Security

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With cyberattacks affecting SMBs at an alarming rate, business owners are challenged with putting strong enough security in place to protect them from the average $20,000 price tag per incident. Ransomware in particular has hit the SMB sector hard. As stated in a recent study by Arctic Wolf Networks, last year saw a 433% increase in ransomware attacks against SMBs1 – a number that is expected to grow.

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From “New Core Domains” to “Zero-day Attacks”

By Yohai Einav, Principal Security Researcher

New Core Domains

Posted on May 9, 2017 in: Security

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Excerpted from Nominum Spring 2017 Security Report

In late April, we released the Nominum Spring 2017 Security Report, the latest report on our security research team’s DNS and HTTP analysis which provides a comprehensive view of the current cyberthreat landscape. In the report we take a look at “new core domains” and how they help us identify “zero-day attacks” so we can take steps mitigate them.

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