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Why You Should Care About DNS Latency

By Dean McDonald, Senior Director, Sales Engineering, Asia Pacific

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Posted on June 28, 2017 in: Network


The term latency is used a lot in networking and most commonly refers to how long it takes a packet to reach a destination and come back again. The most common tools for measuring network latency are ping and traceroute, but there are more. When I speak to operators around Asia Pacific about DNS though, it’s interesting to hear that latency is not often used when benchmarking or measuring their DNS service quality.

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Examining the Long-Tail of DNS Queries: A Hotbed of Cybercriminal Activity

By Yuriy Yuzifovich, Head of Data Science and Security

Posted on October 11, 2016 in: General, Security

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Data scientists put in a tireless amount of work tracking cybercriminals—from specific individuals to entire organizations—looking at their behavior and the methods through which they attempt to compromise data. Because DNS is a ubiquitous protocol that’s used for most internet interactions, it also provides fertile ground for cybercriminals to launch malware. Nominum Data Science examines massive volumes of DNS data—100 billion queries daily—to detect anomalies and uncover the patterns of malicious code authors before other security experts.

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