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In-browser Messaging: A Highly Effective Way to Reach Subscribers with Targeted Content

By Daniel Blasingame, VP of Sales, North America


Posted on August 23, 2016 in: General, Marketing

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For service providers, achieving the subscriber communications trifecta is nearly impossible: that is, sending the right message to the right person. Email is a heavily used subscriber communications method, given both its low cost and the ability for subscribers to view the message at their convenience.

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Nominum Active at TM Forum's Management World

By Thomas Orthbandt

Posted on May 13, 2013 in: Marketing, Network, Security

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Nominum, the provider of the N2, an open and scalable network-based service delivery platform for communication service providers (CSPs) joined the influential global industry body, TM Forum. Nominum is helping the world’s leading CSPs offer personalized, secure connected experiences that enhance the overall customer experience. Nominum’s N2 platform allows CSPs to leverage customer behavior data and network assets to deliver the next generation in customer experience. Using the platform, CSPs can use intelligent policy management, advanced notification and action tools to increase brand loyalty, and monetize new tools and services.

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