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Delivering a Safe, Reliable Internet to Canadians

By Mark Gaudet, Manager of Business Development, CIRA

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Posted on May 31, 2017 in: Network, Security


The Domain Name System – the DNS – is the foundation of the internet. Beyond connecting IP addresses with web requests, DNS provides the basis for both the detection of and protection from global cyberthreats before they reach an organization’s corporate network resources —particularly given that more than 90% of malware uses DNS for command and control. This presents a tremendous opportunity for service providers to utilize their DNS infrastructure to provide security services to their business customers, which have a tremendous need for stronger, more proactive cyber protection.

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Security as a Service for SMBs: How ISPs can Fill a Rapidly Growing Need

By Arlen Frew, GM, Security & Applications


Posted on May 24, 2017 in: Security

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With cyberattacks affecting SMBs at an alarming rate, business owners are challenged with putting strong enough security in place to protect them from the average $20,000 price tag per incident. Ransomware in particular has hit the SMB sector hard. As stated in a recent study by Arctic Wolf Networks, last year saw a 433% increase in ransomware attacks against SMBs1 – a number that is expected to grow.

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Canadian Internet Registry Authority (CIRA) Protects Business and Public Sector Users with Nominum

By Arlen Frew, GM, security and applications

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Posted on February 15, 2017 in: Security

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With cyberthreats increasing in size and scope, businesses are scrambling to find new ways to protect their financial and human capital assets. Many enterprise solutions offer endpoint protection and network security, but the SMB sector doesn’t have the budget to deploy enterprise security solutions and typically lacks the in-house expertise to keep their networks and users adequately protected. In particular, as employees bring mobile devices onto corporate networks, and with new attack variants being introduced almost daily, small and mid-sized businesses have no way of keeping up. This is where communications service providers (CSPs) can step in to provide a broad layer of protection, visibility, and control from within their own networks.

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