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Protect and Enhance the Subscriber Experience to Grow the Bottom Line

By John Arledge, General Manager


Posted on July 19, 2016 in: Marketing

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For service providers undergoing digital transformation, the importance of subscriber and network protection cannot be understated. When subscribers and networks are at risk of attack or infection, a provider’s digital strategy is weakened and business growth limited.

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Better than Bot Takedowns

By Thomas Orthbandt

Posted on March 3, 2015 in: Network, Security

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Europol recently took control of the ramnit botnet in order to disrupt more than 3.2 million infections around the world. Ramnit is a sophisticated bot that appeared in 2010 and spread quickly. It enables remote access to infected machines and can steal files and credentials. It can also monitor web browsing and even use stolen website cookies to impersonate victims. Internet users are nearly always unaware they have been infected by malware and usually not well equipped to deal with infections even when they are made aware. It is also not realistic to expect all bots will be taken down, in fact the reverse is true, few bots are.

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