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PRSD attack growth
in Q1 2017


ransomware increase
in 6 mos


malicious query growth
in 6 mos

Data Science Security Report | Spring 2017

Data Revelations by Nominum

Nominum Spring 2017 Data Science Security Report

Cybersecurity has gone mainstream. DDoS attacks, data breaches and ransomware continue to dominate the headlines as new cyberthreats emerge every day, with different methods and attack variants being introduced.

As the DNS supplier to CSPs serving over 1/3 of the world’s internet subscribers, Nominum analyzes over 100 billion DNS queries every day, discovering patterns and anomalies and updating real-time threat lists to keep our networks, businesses and consumers safe. Our latest report sheds light on the dramatic increase in various cyberthreats and explains the Cyberattack Ladder, a framework that looks at cybercrime from a criminal’s perspective and breaks down the various stages of an attack.

This report includes findings from a six-month period, such as:

  • No longer relegated to email, social and texts are increasing with the average phishing attack length being 1.5 days
  • PRSD attacks grew 68% in first three months of 2017
  • Ransomware queries grew 270% between Fall 2016 and Spring 2017