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Secure DNS

Vantio CacheServe

Network operators can provide a safe and reliable internet with the industry’s highest-performing and most secure carrier-grade caching DNS server.

Product Brief

Efficient DNS performance and data-driven insight

Save money

Consolidate servers, enable server virtualization and eliminate load balancers.

Better control network traffic

Precision policies offer granular control of query traffic to block malicious or illegal traffic and allow good traffic.

Get data-driven insights

Flexible, comprehensive reporting offers insight into all DNS data so you can determine trends across the entire business.

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Efficient DNS performance and data-driven insight

Built-in carrier-grade DNS security solution

Protect your DNS

Vantio CacheServe DNS server has built-in threat protection including cache poisoning defenses.

Detect anomalous behavior

Vantio CacheServe DNS server eliminates opportunities for cybercriminals to insert fake records into the cache. If spoofed responses are detected, it switches to TCP.

Protect your network

N2 ThreatAvert, carrier-grade network security, works on Vantio CacheServe DNS servers to prevent threats from inside the network.

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Built-in carrier-grade DNS security solution

Quickly launch value-added applications

Offer carrier-grade security solutions

With CacheServe, you can quickly deploy security solutions that protect businesses and consumers from cyberthreats. Grow loyalty and grow revenue.

Reach out to users

You can also use the integrated N2 Reach solution for highly-effective security alerts, service reminders and bill payment notifications.

Use integrated, carrier-grade solutions

Nominum is the first company to create the N2 applications suite on top of core caching DNS. These fully integrated applications enable closed-loop security solutions with network and customer cyberthreat protection as well as infected subscriber notifications.

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Secure DNS

N2 Big Data Connector

N2 Big Data Connector allows service providers to easily integrate DNS data into their big data platform for better subscriber insights.

Product Brief

Improved customer intelligence and carrier-grade security solution

Leverage untapped DNS data

Integrate rich DNS data into your big data infrastructure for deep customer insight and real-time data.

Offer service personalization

Gain visibility into services and applications used to offer targeted offers that subscribers want, improving brand loyalty.

Carrier-grade cybersecurity solution

When used in conjunction with N2 ThreatAvert, N2 Big Data Connector improves the effectiveness of cybersecurity ecosystems.

Improved customer intelligence and carrier-grade security solution

Easily access and analyze big data

Fast time to deployment

Data is compressed up to 80 percent for rapid integration with business intelligence tools.

Avoid network tapping

Instead of gathering DNS data at the network layer, one aggregated stream of data can be fed directly to your big data platform.

Seamless integration

N2 Big Data Connector is pre-built for Hadoop and Splunk for easy transfer, storage and analysis.

DNS is a treasure trove of information

Strengthen cybersecurity

Visibility into all domain activity allows you to track key threats that put your network and subscribers at risk.

Strategic capacity planning

Observe traffic like streaming, IoT devices and more to use with information like bandwidth demand for precise capacity planning.

Drive service adoption

With valuable subscriber data, you can better tailor outreach programs to increase service adoption.

DNS is a treasure trove of information

Secure DNS

Vantio AuthServe

Authoritative DNS offers subscribers a carrier-grade solution for better user experience while reducing operating costs with exceptional ease of use, scaling and stability.

Product Brief

Increase service agility

Advanced APIs

Streamline provisioning to enable rich, highly interactive applications that are always available and highly responsive.

Powerful provisioning tools

Simplify zone data management, including versioning and journaling to automatically manage updates or rollback to prior configurations.

Real-time DNS visibility

Detailed statistics visualized through zone and view reports help administrators understand and maintain configurations.

Increase service agility

Improve the user experience

Fast query response time

Low latency query responses measurably improve the user experience.

Access database records anytime

The purpose-built in-memory database makes new and updated resource records available instantly for queries.

Growth at scale

Massive scaling sustains unbounded growth in application capacity.

Improve the user experience

Eliminate network downtime

Non-stop operations

On-the-fly DNS zone updates without server restarts.

Instant recovery

Recovery from server hardware failures and restarts is nearly instantaneous.

DNSSEC Made Easy

Completely automates DNSSEC lifecycle management so DNS data is secured with no risk of downtime due to misconfiguration.

Eliminate network downtime