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Internet Security

N2 Secure Business

A Security as a Service solution that lets providers easily deploy SMB cyberthreat protection to prevent ransomware, phishing, botnets and zero-day malware attacks. 

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Provider benefits

Simple, fast deployment

Seamless and scalable

Highly scalable and quickly deployable DNS solution that works on any connected device, without additional software.

Fast time to market

Quickly launch this advanced-yet-economical cybersecurity solution by deploying N2 Secure Business in your existing network or by leveraging the Nominum cloud.

White label solution

As a white label solution, providers control the branding and own the data so they can develop deeper, more profitable business relationships.

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Simple, fast deployment

Business benefits

Safeguard your business from cybercrime

Simple, Advanced Cyberthreat Protection

N2 Secure Business is easy to manage yet provides comprehensive visibility, control and protection for all internet-connected devices. 

Tailor Internet Access

Businesses can establish different content and malware settings by employee group to ensure only safe, appropriate content is available.

Block Ransomware and More

N2 Secure Business blocks inappropriate and malicious content, powered by real-time database updates from Nominum Data Science.

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Safeguard your business from cybercrime

Business benefits

Tailor internet access

No IT required

Eliminate complex configurations but get complete internet control with simple, web based controls. Set web restrictions. Turn on one-click protection. Set and forget.

Any time, anywhere administration

A live dashboard provides full transparency of cyberthreats while letting businesses set up profiles and easily tweak settings.

Set appropriate restrictions

Provide content filters for businesses to ensure guests and employees are not accessing gambling sites, adult content and more.

Tailor internet access

Provider benefits

Easy go to market

Get marketing support

Nominum will provide materials to help you jumpstart your marketing efforts, including videos, data sheets, PowerPoint presentations and more.

Roll out free trials

Offer a “freemium” pricing model for your business customers so they can quickly see the value of N2 Secure Business and convert to paying, loyal service subscribers.

Get help and support

From in-product help and onboading guides to dedicated, on-site go to market support, Nominum provides all you need to quickly roll out advanced cyberthreat protection.

Easy go to market

Internet Security

N2 Secure Public Wi-Fi

A Security as a Service solution that lets providers easily and quickly deploy cyberthreat protection and content filtering to any business that offers guest and public Wi-Fi.

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Provider benefits

Simple, fast deployment

Deploy in no time

Use your existing network or leverage the Nominum cloud and quickly offer Wi-Fi protection to stadiums, municipalities, retailers or any business that provides Wi-Fi.

No installation

White label service allows providers to easily launch to customers without installation. Brand and market the business with authenticity to fully maintain brand consistency.

Simple interface

A simple interface and APIs for integration into existing platforms or apps speeds time to market.

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Simple, fast deployment

Business benefits

Safeguard guests from inappropriate and malicious content

Customizable content settings

Select pre-populated categories to block, including gambling, social media, adult content and more, or customize your own list to ensure guests never access inappropriate content.

Protect customers from cyberthreats

Safeguard guests from malware, ransomware and other malicious content with advanced cyberthreat protection backed by Nominum Data Science.

Deploy website and search filters

Easily block website categories and enforce YouTube and Google SafeSearch.

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Safeguard guests from inappropriate and malicious content

Business benefits

Protect your brand reputation

Customizable interface

Blocked webpages show appropriate messages while reflecting the host’s brand and values.

Easily tweak settings

Businesses can switch filtering and cyberthreat settings at any time, anywhere with a simple-to-use web interface.

Protect bandwith for optimum browsing

Allows traffic optimization from high-bandwidth consuming services like video streaming and file sharing sites.

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Protect your brand reputation

Internet Security

N2 Secure Consumer

Cloud-based, carrier-grade cybersecurity solution protects subscribers and IoT devices from phishing, viruses, ransomware and malware.

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Simple, precise parental controls

Content filtering

Allow subscribers to tailor internet access for each family member from a simple web page.

Manage screen time

Set rules for content category blocking (e.g., for homework time and bedtime) and make changes on the fly.

Access data from anywhere

Access your account from a simple webpage or a service provider’s subscriber portal or app.

Network level, carrier-grade solution, easy roll-out

Protect all devices across your network

Protect all connected devices across fixed, mobile and Wi-Fi hotspots on a provider network; start protection with a single click.

Roll out quickly

Leverage existing DNS investment to quickly roll out new, high value safety features with protection backed by advanced data science.

Fast time-to-market

Delivers fast time-to-market while reducing total cost of ownership.

Network level, carrier-grade solution, easy roll-out

Prevent the most harmful cyberthreats

Block ransomware and more

N2 Secure Consumer thwarts ransomware by blocking malicious domains (including C&C server communications used by botnets).

Live, customizable dashboards

Subscribers have full visibility into their data at all times, including all blocked malware, internet usage and infected devices.

Closed-loop, carrier-grade solution

Detect cyberthreats, remediate infected devices and notify subscribers about preventative tools that keep them safe online.

Prevent the most harmful cyberthreats