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Network Security

N2 ThreatAvert

DNS-based, carrier-grade cybersecurity application that protects your network and subscribers against, DDoS, DNS tunneling, botnets and more.

Product Brief

Nominum Data Science delivers premium network security

Unprecedented DNS analysis

Nominum Data Science processes 100 billion DNS queries every day to publish threat lists and update them in real time.

Precision Policies

Finely-tuned filtering blocks malicious queries from DNS-based attacks (e.g. DDoS) and allows good traffic for zero false positives.

Go from reactive to proactive

Fast changing, dynamic threats that originate from within the network are detected and remediated within minutes.

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Threat dashboards provide clear, actionable data

Observe specific threat activity

Graphs display specific DNS-based cyberthreat activity, infected subscribers and other attack-related details.

Real-time reporting

Data for reports is continuously fed, without impact to a subscriber’s internet activity.

Company-wide visibility

Reports can be scheduled and automatically emailed to DNS operations, security and executive stakeholders.

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Threat dashboards provide clear, actionable data

Easy integration with N2 Platform

Part of the closed-loop solution

N2 ThreatAvert is a versatile and extensible component of the carrier-grade N2 application suite, part of the closed-loop solution.

Seamless transfer of data for Big Data analytics

N2 Big Data Connector aids in seamless transfer of N2 ThreatAvert data into Big Data analytics systems for correlation with other threat data to better the security posture of ISPs network

Leverage threat data for N2 Reach

Alert infected subscribers, provide remediation advice and more by leveraging data from N2 ThreatAvert.