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Browser Notifications

N2 Reach

Deliver timely, personalized messages through a carrier-grade platform and convert at 5 to 15 times higher rates than email.

Product Brief

Deliver the right message at the right time

Communicate better

86% of subscribers want in-browser messages, for security alerts for remediation instructions and safety tips and tools.

Automated delivery

Set-and-forget capabilities automatically add or remove subscribers based on campaign attributes.

Reach subscribers fast

Create messages that typically reach 90 percent of the target audience within the first 24 hours.

Deliver the right message at the right time

Personalize the subscriber experience

Rich messages

Campaigns are delivered to subscribers’ smartphones, tablets and desktop computers and can display virtually any webpage content including video, surveys, chat or other RTC protocols.

Pre-built & custom templates

N2 Reach includes pre-built fully customizable templates or upload custom HTML to create your own.

Easy to use

Business units can easily design and launch campaigns in minutes without burdening IT.

Personalize the subscriber experience

Refined campaign management

Seamless deployment and integration

Integrates with your CRM and other systems for integrated campaign management.

Pinpoint your audience

Dynamic pinpoint targeting with real-time audience calculations allows delivery to massive subscriber groups (all IPTV subscribers) or even an individual subscriber.

Real-time metrics

Know every subscriber interaction. The ability to view live metrics makes it easy to analyze and optimize campaign effectiveness.

Refined campaign management