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Network Operator KPN Selects Nominum to Provide Differentiated Subscriber Experience

Nominum N2 Platform and the Nominum IDEAL ecosystem will enable KPN to deploy applications to deliver differentiated services more quickly to 2.5 Million Broadband Subscribers in the Netherlands.

Redwood City, Calif. – October 16, 2012 — Nominum™, the world’s leading provider of integrated subscriber, network, and security solutions for network operators, announced today that KPN, the leading telecommunications provider in the Netherlands, has selected the Nominum N2 Reach and the Nominum Partners to replace their existing open source DNS infrastructure.  The initial deployment will consist of the implementation of two Nominum IDEAL Network Solutions – the Nominum Vantio Caching DNS System and the Nominum Authoritative Name Server- that will deliver the highest performing and most secure Internet experience for KPN’s broadband customers.  In addition, KPN is deploying two Nominum applications from the IDEAL ecosystem:  Nominum Configuration Manager for authoritative zone management and Nominum Content Filtering for regulatory compliance of blocking mandated domains.

This deployment allows KPN to eventually utilize the Nominum IDEAL ecosystem in full for new innovative services while leveraging existing infrastructure.  The N2 platform, powering the ecosystem, processes 1 trillion plus DNS queries daily and produces actionable insights to network activity.  In turn, KPN will be able to deliver new in-house or third party developed applications quicker than ever to customers; extending the functionality of the information generated in the core DNS engines.

KPN chose Nominum as their primary DNS infrastructure in the Internet cluster for its strategic value beyond the core DNS system. In addition to immediate efficiency benefits, the most important benefit provided by the IDEAL ecosystem is the long-term value of providing a superior experience for their customers.

“Network operators around the world are faced with the conflicting challenges of delivering a differentiated customer experience while simultaneously working to reduce their overall infrastructure expenses,” said Gary Messiana, CEO at Nominum. “Prior to the IDEAL ecosystem operators layered on additional service offerings piece by piece which takes time, leads to higher total cost of ownership and results in an increasingly brittle infrastructure.  KPN recognized they could gain a sustainable competitive advantage and deliver a differentiated user experience more quickly and cost effectively by unifying their network infrastructure and subscriber applications and tightly integrating internal teams under the IDEAL ecosystem.”

Solution specifics:

Nominum Vantio Caching DNS System: an open, carrier-grade caching DNS engine that’s a foundational element for enabling differentiated services, reducing costs and increasing business agility.  It features a policy layer, advanced security, specialized query handling, and a rich information intelligence layer enabling compelling services to increase subscriber satisfaction and retention.

Nominum Authoritative Name Server: a future-proof solution that leads the industry with 100% uptime, IPV6 and DNSSEC support, and consistently high performance.  It integrates seamlessly with management and monitoring in the N2 Data Platform enabling applications to ensure a cost-effective, robust, scalable, and dynamic naming service

KPN will be utilizing the following Nominum IDEAL Applications:

About KPN

KPN is the leading telecommunications and IT service provider in The Netherlands, offering wireline and wireless telephony, Internet and TV to consumers. KPN offers business customers complete telecommunications and IT solutions. KPN Corporate Market (previously known as Getronics) offers global IT services and is the Benelux market leader in the area of infrastructure and network related IT solutions. In Germany and Belgium, KPN pursues a multi-brand strategy in its mobile operations and holds number three market positions through E-Plus and BASE. KPN provides wholesale network services to third parties and operates an efficient IP-based infrastructure with global scale in international wholesale through iBasis.

About Nominum

Nominum is the worldwide leading provider of integrated subscriber, network and security solutions for network operators. Nominum is the provider of the N2 Platform that leverages over a trillion DNS queries daily and enables the rapid development and seamless integration of applications that leverage DNS data.  These applications are generated by the Nominum IDEAL ecosystem, an open ecosystem of application providers. The combined value of the N2 Platform and the IDEAL ecosystem provides network operators with the ability to deliver a differentiated subscriber experience with cost efficiency and agility. Nominum is a global organization headquartered in Redwood City, CA.

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