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Our Story

You might say that DNS is in our DNA. Nominum wrote roughly 90% of the world’s DNS code and was the first to scale, secure, and leverage DNS to deliver a whole new set of services. We are passionate about great Internet experiences, high quality code, and straightforward approaches to solving complex provider challenges. Now we have harnessed DNS to allow providers to deliver extraordinary value to their subscribers.


Innovators from day one

Nominum pioneered DNS and has been the innovation leader ever since—leading the way by making service provider networks more reliable, more secure, and more responsive to changing subscriber needs.

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Proven worldwide

More than 130 service providers use Nominum DNS. Nominum product is deployed in over 40 countries and processes 1.7 trillion queries each and every day. That’s far beyond what is processed by today’s largest and most popular Internet properties.


Our next game changer

Service providers have shifted from a network focus to a more nuanced customer focus. Nominum has responded with N2. N2 is the next phase in the evolution of service provider DNS, offering unique and personalized subscriber value.

Our Value

Our Value

Nominum continues to harness the possibilities of DNS. From the first World Wide Web to the Internet of Things, Nominum has been at the forefront of extending DNS to meet the most pressing service provider business challenges.