Features & Benefits

  • Nonstop operation even during maintenance events; dual mastering means critical service updates never fail
  • Custom database scales beyond a billion resource records for boundless growth, no need to divide zone data among masters
  • Advanced software design yields superior performance and availability with inherent protection from traffic spikes and DoS attacks
  • Embedded provisioning tools reduce operational overhead and ease zone data management
  • Rich data gathering facilities offer better network and service visibility with minimal performance impact

Customer Stories

Nameservice Performance Upgrade

A large European provider concluded aging authoritative DNS infrastructure supporting several services caused provisioning complexity and delays that were inhibiting growth and reducing customer satisfaction. Legacy servers also made supporting DNSSEC and IPv6 challenging.

Vantio AuthServe was introduced with dual master servers, federated on a private network using views to support different services. Paired slave servers mirrored each view; providing site and geographic redundancy. AuthServe APIs automated adding or deleting views on slaves, mirroring changes on masters so new zones and updates appeared instantly. Service availability improved by eliminating server restarts for zone changes and solution will scale to support virtually unlimited future growth.