Use Cases

Cybersecurity Defense

  • Shield Household Networks
  • Infected subscribers are 3.6 times more likely to switch service providers. Safeguard home networks from malicious online activity to retain subscribers and inspire brand loyalty.
  • Protect Subscriber Devices
  • Infected subscribers are 8 times more likely to contact the call center. Safeguard subscriber devices from threats like phishing, malware, ransomware, online scams and fake antivirus products.
  • Protect Households From Illegal Content
  • Prevent accidental navigation to websites that host illegal content.

Value-Added Services

  • Protect Subscribers From Cyberthreats
  • Infected subscribers are 3.6 times more likely to switch service providers. Enhance basic online services with advanced cybersecurity protection to increase subscriber loyalty.
  • Enable Subscriber-Defined Content Control
  • Allow subscribers to block access to sites they consider offensive and potentially harmful.
  • Provide Parental Controls and Monitoring
  • Set rules to limit access including homework/bedtime and establish unique profiles for each member of the household. No software downloads are required.
  • Protect Children Online
  • Safeguard children from inappropriate content with parental controls that enforce safe searches on all or selected devices.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

  • Security Breach Notifications
  • Alert subscribers when they become infected with malware known to compromise personally identifiable information.
  • Content Compliance
  • Block prohibited online content in accordance with local mandates.
Across all devices

Features & Benefits

Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction with subscriber services that are drastically easier to use than the alternatives. Leverage the power of your network to deliver superior cloud-based subscriber services.

  • Eliminate your customer’s adoption burden with cloud-based services that don’t require the customer to install, configure or maintain device-level software
  • Empower your customers to configure uniform policies across all their devices from a single subscriber service portal

Maximize the power of your network by increasing your customer’s engagement with network-based services.

Simplified policy creation leverages the service provider’s network to enforce policies across all subscriber devices.

  • Network policy enforcement delivers simplified subscriber services by eliminating the hassle associated with traditional, device-level software services
  • Allows subscribers to create and enforce different policies for different devices from a single portal (for example, set parental controls policies for children’s devices that restrict access to social networking or inappropriate material while maintaining access via the adult’s devices)
  • Network architecture ensures the integrity of subscriber services and maximizes customer satisfaction

N2 Secure Consumer includes a limited license for Nominum’s industry-leading N2 Reach browser-based messaging so you can quickly inform infected subscribers about malware such as Locky ransomware. According to Nominum research, 86% of subscribers want in-browser notifications of malware infections with remediation instructions.

Customer Stories

An EMEA customer utilizes N2 Secure Consumer to deliver parental controls service to their subscribers to comply with a government mandate that required every service provider in the territory to offer and deliver a parental controls service to their subscribers.

The results are as follows:

  • The provider experiences a 6% adoption rate of the parental controls service within their 5M subscribers
  • The provider estimates an adoption rate of 25% within the first 4 years of the service’s introduction

This provider also strives to deliver a consistent customer experience – and uniformed parental controls policies – to subscribers in their home AND when subscribers access the Internet via one of the providers over 5M Wi-Fi hotspots. Given the network-based approach of N2 Secure Consumer, the provider is able to provide a parental controls service – and apply associated policies – that is consistent to subscribers when accessing the Internet from home or one of the provider’s public Wi-Fi hotspots.

An EMEA customer utilizes N2 Secure Consumer to deliver subscriber safety services. This provider vies for market share in a competitive market with a historically high churn rate. In this market, service differentiation and delivering a superior customer experience is a critical success factor. The provider decided to offer subscribers cyberthreat protection as a way to improve the customer experience by proactively identifying, preventing and, potentially, remediating security threats as a result of the subscriber’s internet usage.

The results are as follows:

  • 40% of the provider’s 4M subscribers adopted the service in the 1st year
  • 78% of subscribers agree the cyberthreat protection service is “valuable” (in response to Net Promoter Score surveys)

N2 Secure Consumer is the provider’s most popular value-added service. Awareness and value of this service is only exceeded by the provider’s primary broadband Internet service.