Use Cases

Customer Experience Management

  • Subscriber Onboarding Experience
  • Make a positive first impression by familiarizing subscribers with new services.
  • Agile Service Personalization
  • Allow subscribers to customize their online settings in real-time to reflect personal preferences and values.
  • Security Recommendations
  • Use trusted messages to present subscribers with online security guidance.
  • Conduct and Promote Online Surveys
  • Publish online surveys to targeted subscribers.
  • Service Appointment Reminders
  • Remind subscribers of upcoming service appointments to enhance relationship-building and brand loyalty.
  • Infected Subscriber Alerts
  • Use in-browser messages to immediately alert subscribers of infections and malicious activity.
  • Infection Remediation Instructions
  • Provide subscribers with instructions on how to remediate security infections and direct them to online tools.

Marketing and Promotions

  • Cross-Sell, Upsell and Bundle
  • Promote new services with powerful messaging capabilities that align with subscriber behaviors and preferences. Generate conversion rates that are up to 10 times higher than email.
  • Data Usage Alerts
  • Alert subscribers at predefined data usage thresholds to help manage customer spend and inspire loyalty.
  • Service Plan Upgrades
  • Earn up to 20% more revenue by offering premium services and data plan upgrades at the time of need.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Monetization
  • Generate revenue while satisfying consumer demand for free Wi-Fi access.
  • On-Demand Video Specials
  • Promote paid content and on-demand video services.
  • Pay-Per-View Promotion
  • Launch context-aware promotions for premium entertainment services when subscribers are most likely to buy.
  • Third-Party Promotions
  • Open new revenue streams by presenting offers from authorized partners.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

  • Copyright Violation Alerts
  • Warn subscribers when attempting to access websites that host copyrighted content for illegal download.
  • Terms of Service Notifications
  • Inform subscribers of important service policies and direct them to policy documentation resources.
  • Policy Update Notifications
  • Notify subscribers of material changes to service policies.
  • Privacy Notices
  • Inform subscribers about the collection and use of personally identifiable information.
  • Security Breach Notifications
  • Alert subscribers when they become infected with malware known to compromise personally identifiable information.

Billing and Revenue Management

  • Payment Alerts
  • Improve cash flow by increasing the number of customers who pay on time.
  • Past Due Reminders
  • Recover past due accounts with a series of progressively urgent messages, each with a click-through to a payment portal.
  • Promote Paperless Billing
  • Reduce operational costs by getting more customers to choose paperless billing.
  • Promote Auto Pay
  • Encourage customers to enroll in an automatic payment plan.
  • Third-Party Billing
  • Open new revenue streams by assisting authorized partners with bill collection.
Across all devices

Features & Benefits

Deliver messages where your subscribers are most often found – their Internet browsers. With N2 Reach, more impressions and higher impression rates means more conversions.

  • Customization of message content ensures the right message reaches the right recipient
  • Support for various types of messages – floating watermark, banner, interstitial page or captive portal – ensures message delivery coincides with campaign and corporate goals
  • Browser-based messaging leads to more immediate action and higher conversion rates
  • Integration of subscriber portal link enables bi-directional communication and faster time-to-resolution

Meet your customer care, marketing, and other business goals with progressive messages customized for each recipient. These sequenced, time based campaigns take individual subscriber responses into account, providing a more personalized and interactive customer experience. So your customers are much more likely to respond, and you are more likely to get the results that you want.

  • Precisely identify campaign subscribers with dynamic recipient management
  • Integrate with external data sources for rapid campaign delivery
  • Segmentation of recipient lists optimizes campaign effectiveness
  • Message delivery and execution with scheduling and administrative oversight
  • Dynamic, sequential campaigns adjust to subscriber behavior to increase conversion rates

N2 Reach includes industry best practices for digital communication and message delivery, so your subscriber experience will be both compelling and satisfying.

  • Graduated technology introduction – gain acceptance and receptivity of browser-based messaging with subscriber education campaigns and deliberate introduction of browser-based communications
  • Campaign authenticity – alleviate subscriber concerns by including the individual account holder’s name or a portion of an account number confirms the message was generated by the service provider
  • Message guardrails – limit message fatigue and protect subscriber experience by managing the number of messages sent and number of campaigns targeted to each subscriber
  • Brand protection – ensure your messages are not displayed on offensive sites with the N2 Reach safe-to-message list

Customer Stories

N2 Reach and Browser-Based Messaging

In order to meet a government mandate, an Internet service provider was tasked with offering its entire subscriber base parental controls. Since email and SMS weren’t effective, the service provider chose to use our N2 Reach browser-based messaging to instantly notify millions of subscribers about available parental control services. In just 24 hours, the service provider achieved a 94.5% click-through rate. This not only resulted in more informed subscribers, but ensured that the service provider met the mandate in a timely manner.

N2 Reach and Reducing Churn Rates

Another Internet service provider consistently lost 17% of its subscriber base annually because it required subscribers to pre-pay for Internet services on a month-by-month basis, plus required subscribers to give a one-month cancelation notice – so they could better forecast churn. However, the service provider was struggling to effectively reach subscribers via email and SMS campaigns before churning. After deploying N2 Reach, the service provider was able to leverage in-browser special offers to reach potential churning customers in a timelier manner to keep these customers engaged and onboard. With N2 Reach, they were able to drastically reduce churn rates more than 10 times.